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Cost-Effective Industrial Maintenance Services Improved management of physical assets
has been cited as the single largest business improvement opportunity in the 21st century.
SPIT provides an intelligent, Web-enabled, software solution that monitors and
autonomously assesses electrical apparatus to detect developing problems. Resulting
clear and actionable intelligence allows customers enough time to implement corrective
action, avoid costly repairs, and reduce unexpected downtime.

Process Automation Services from Process Automation Experts As platform-independent
systems integrator, SPIT electrical mechanics brings a unique perspective to process
automation. We work across many platforms and make recommendations without bias for
technology, delivering integrated process automation solutions designed to meet your
specific objectives. Our Industrial Automation services support every phase of your
projects — from startup and commissioning to ongoing maintenance — helping you plan
for future success.

SPIT repair services include testing, repair and rewinds for small, large and extra-large AC
& DC electric motors, generators, and mechanical and (power) electronic equipment. We
offer authorised warranty repair with in-house coil manufacturing and power electronic
repair to maintain single-source control over our quality and lead times SPIT reliability
engineers and technical specialists have industry-specific experience with static- and
rotating electrical machines, troubleshooting, electrical testing and rewinding.